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Komat KIDS Cup for the third time!

Komat KIDS Cup for the third time!

The third edition of Komat KIDS Cup took place on Saturday, January 12. The football tournament for young players is always an event full of sporting emotions, giving a lot of joy to both kids and spectators. The play of young footballers captivated the audience.

An additional attraction was a freestyle football show demonstrated by excellent Przemysław "Mistre" Mistrzak.

All the players competed bravely, showing perfect play, and the following teams were on the podium:
The first place was taken by the KKS Lech Poznań team.
The second place was won by the MKS Notec Czarnków team.
The Nielba Wągrowiec team was the third one on the podium.

Congratulations must also go to the other teams taking part in the tournament:
AP Wielkopolska Komorniki, Bambinis Trzcianka, Iras Czaplinek, Fair-Play Złotów, Sparta Oborniki.

 Date: 2019-01-17
 Category: Events